Whole Foods bans laughter and smiles for employees and customers

After banning its employees from wearing poppies in the lead-up to Remembrance Day, the Whole Foods supermarket chain is instructing its customers and employees to not laugh or smile.

“If we allow our customers and employees to smile and laugh, who knows what they’ll think is permissible in our stores? Nudity? Theft?” Whole Foods said in a statement.

“Plus laughter and smiling is associated with too many political movements in Canada. We don’t want our employees to support any causes.”

This new store policy was brought to light by an anonymous employee in Toronto.

“I once smiled at a customer and asked if they needed any help. I was suspended without pay for 14 days shortly after,” the anonymous employee said.

When reached for comment, Whole Foods said it was considering changing its official colours as the colour green was deemed too closely associated with plants and vegetables.

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