Pallister dons black mask, black cape to enforce COVID-19 rules at night

Manitobans who are thinking about violating the province’s COVID-19 rules better think twice before doing so.

The province’s top doctor Dr. Brent Roussin announced on Tuesday that Premier Brian Pallister was going to personally enforce the rules imposed by the province. 

“He’s not the hero Manitoba deserves, but the hero we need,” Dr. Roussin said.

Swooping down from the roof, Premier Pallister made an appearance during the press conference wearing a black mask, black cape and black armor.

With a slightly deeper voice, the Premier warned Manitobans that he would be patrolling the province in search of rule breakers. 

“Thinking about going to work? Don’t even think about it,” said the Premier.

“Exercising your right as a Canadian to worship freely? Ha. Not on my watch.” 

When asked by reporters why the need for the black attire, the Premier paused before answering.

“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”

The press conference ended as the Premier disappeared into the night. 

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