Man Trying To Censor The Internet Celebrates World Press Freedom Day (NOT SATIRE)

We couldn’t think of this stuff even if we tried.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is celebrating World Press Freedom Day while simultaneously trying to censor user generated content and targeting so-called “disinformation” and “hate speech” on the internet.

“Journalists are any democracy’s first line of defence, and they help keep us safe and informed – we’ve certainly seen that throughout the pandemic. Today, let’s celebrate the role they play and thank them for the work they do. #WorldPressFreedomDay,” tweeted the Prime Minister.

The governing Liberals have yet to define what they consider “hate speech” but have been prone to dismiss criticisms and facts as “fake news.” 

The Prime Minister himself has attempted to ban journalists from his press conferences, bribe media outlets with government funding and has time and time again dismissed factual reports when they’re critical of him.

Last week, Liberal MPs on the Heritage committee voted to expand the government’s internet regulation bill, Bill C-10, to also apply to user generated content. This means the government will give the CRTC power to target Canadians’ post on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

We wish we were making this stuff up. Unfortunately, this is Justin Trudeau’s Canada. 

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