“Like, I don’t know, just print some more.” Trudeau explains how Canada can afford growing debt

As Canada’s debt grows to over $1 trillion dollars and its deficit balloons close to $400 billion, many Canadians are starting to question if the country can afford it.

Reporters began asking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau questions about the growing debt.

“Prime Minister, you have no plan to reduce spending and you’re spending at historical levels. Can the government afford this?” Tina Wong from Global News asked.

A flustered Justin Trudeau said Canada can definitely afford it because nobody has told him he can’t spend as much as he wants.

“All of my staff and my family keep telling me that I’m doing a good job, so I’m going to keep spending,” Trudeau said.

“But what about the Parliamentary Budget Officer, Mr. Trudeau? He says Canada can’t sustain this level of spending for very long. How can we afford this?” Wong asked as a follow-up question.

“Like, I don’t know. Just print some more money or something,” Trudeau responded.

“Isn’t that what the Bank of Canada is for? Print more money, have more money to spend on climate change and trans rights in Ethiopia. Easy.”

The Canadian government recently announced a $20 billion program over 4 years that will help Ethiopian children choose the gender of their choice.

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