Liberal MP Adam Vaughan accuses parrot of being “alt-right extremist”

Liberal MP Adam Vaughan accuses parrot of being “alt-right extremist”

Far-right extremism has spread into the animal world, according to Liberal MP Adam Vaughan.

After a heated exchange with “Pauly the Parrot”, Vaughan took to Twitter (again) to express his discontent for conservatives/everybody he doesn’t agree with.

“Oh great! Another Trump fanboy. This alt-right extremist thinks he deserves a cracker. No, not on my watch. You can’t just want a cracker – you have to earn it,” Vaughan tweeted. 

Vaughan explains how he encountered the parrot at a pet store in Toronto. The Liberal MP claims “Pauly the Parrot” repeatedly demanded a cracker but Vaughan refused to give in.

Vaughan cited a recent VICE article when explaining how the parrot’s white feathers are a new dog whistle to white supremacists everywhere.

“Yeah sure, the parrot was kind of green but I definitely noticed some WHITE feathers on him,” Vaughan said in a follow-up tweet.

The parrot could not be reached for comment but reports indicate that he is planning to storm Queen’s Park on Thursday to express his dissatisfaction with the US election.

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