“I’m the President of the USA!” Jagmeet Singh claims victory after Biden win

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh seems to have forgotten which country he’s in.
In a bizarre tweet on Friday, Singh claimed he was the President of the USA after Joe Biden was declared the winner of the US election.

“It was a long campaign and I’m so proud of our team — from Hawaii all the way to New York. Because of your hard work, I can proudly say I’m the President of the USA!” Singh tweeted.

“We finally defeated that racist fascist Donald Trump!”

For the last few months, Singh has been vocal in his opposition to Trump and prioritizing American issues over Canadian ones. It turns out he was campaigning all this time.

“Ok but what about Trump’s racist health care policies?” Singh asked during the special committee on Canada’s COVID-19 response in April.

“But Trump is a bad man!” Singh said during the special committee on Canada-China relations in July.

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