“I don’t know why I live here,” Ottawa man questions his existence

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ottawa was a boring, cold and lonely place. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ottawa is a boring, cold and lonely place.

Despite its unhabitable environment, close to 1 million Canadians reside in the nation’s capital.

The Screaming Goose caught up with one “Ottawan” (what the hell is that?) to figure out why he voluntarily chooses to live in Ottawa. 

“I guess the market is kind of cool if you can avoid being stabbed by the homeless folk who live in one of the four missions in the area,” Nicholas Smith said. 

“And the canal…you can skate on it when it’s like -40, which is the case 9 months out of the year,” Smith added.

“Oh and we have a NHL hockey team…40 minutes away from the downtown core…I don’t know why I live here.”

Unfortunately, Screaming Goose reporters refused to stay in Ottawa for longer than 20 minutes and the interview with Mr. Smith was abruptly ended. 

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