Dr. Theresa Tam declares lockdowns will be over when the Leafs win a cup

Buckle in for the long haul, folks.

Canada’s Chief Medical Officer of Health declared that the coronavirus lockdowns will be over once the Toronto Maple Leafs end their 52 season cup drought. 

“Dr. Tam, when do you expect we can return to normal life?” asked CBC reporter Ashley Burke.

“It’s difficult to put a specific date on when these additional restrictions will end but if I had to guess — when the Leafs win the cup,” Dr. Tam said. 

A loud groan from reporters could be heard in response to Dr. Tam’s answer.

Leafs fans immediately jumped on social media to express their glee.

“Did you hear that? The lockdowns will be over this season! This is our year!” tweeted @LeafsFan420.

“Let’s gooooo!! The parade has already been planned for the last 20 seasons. Now we get to celebrate a cup win and the end of the lockdown!” wrote Ben Connor on Facebook. 

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